Trade-Wind® VSL400 RC Designer Series Style Range Hood Liner (19.25 in Deep)

  • Range (Indoor)

Design Specs:

  • Electronic touch controls with blue LED lighting, with new remote control (for units with internal blower)
  • Rubber-mounted motor & large, squirrel-cage blowers reduce sound and vibration noise (390 CFM, 600 CFM, & 1200 CFM models)
  • 3-speed motor control reduces blower and air movement sound
  • Large, baffle filters reduce air movement sound
  • Sound absorbing duct silencers, Neoprene® lined sound absorbing fast clamps & dampers available

Product Features:

  • Internal motor models deliver 390 CFM, 600 CFM, and 1200 CFM
  • Commercial grade stainless steel (#304 grade with #4 brush finish) and galvanized steel construction
  • Oversized baffle filters improve ventilation performance
  • Two LED lights brighten cooking area; three on 48”, 54”, 60”, four on 72” models

Installation & Care:

  • Installs easily in standard size or custom built wood range hoods
  • Wiring diagram label for simple electrical connection
  • Dishwasher safe commercial baffle filters
  • Easy cleaning; no unsightly screws to clean around

VSL400 RC (19.25 in) Models:

ModelWidthCFMDuct Collar
VSL430319RC28 ⅜”3907″
VSL430619RC28 ⅜”6008″
VSL436319RC34 ⅜”3907″
VSL436619RC34 ⅜”6008″
VSL442619RC40 ⅜”6008″
VSL4421219RC40 ⅜”120010″
VSL448619RC46 ⅜”6008″
VSL4481219RC46 ⅜”120010″
VSL4541219RC52 ⅜”120010″
VSL4601219RC58 ⅜”120010″
VSL4721219RC70 ⅜”120010″
Simplicity of Design and Function
Proudly Made in Phoenix, AZ
Covered by a 3-Year Warranty

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