Dishwasher safe commercial baffle filters

Functional design is easy to clean. Eliminates grease traps.

No unsightly screws to clean around.


Rubber-mounted motor & large, squirrel-cage blowers reduce sound and vibration

3-speed motor control reduces blower and air movement sound

Large, oversized filters reduce air movement sound


Internal motor models deliver 390 CFM (code compliant), 600 CFM, or 780 CFM.

Commercial grade stainless steel (#304 with #4 brush finish)

Two oversized 14” x 15” SS baffle filters improve performance; three on 48” model.

Two LED lights brighten cooking area; three on 48” model.

NEW Remote Control with optional 5 minute shut off timer

Performance tested to deliver stated CFM


Style complements ALL kitchen designs.

Simplicity of design preferred by home owners and builders.

Recessed controls and halogen lights. Buttons and light glare hidden from the front.

Electronic touch controls with blue LED back lighting.

Trade-Wind® logo is discretely located on bottom of hood. Can be paired will ALL range models.

2 piece, telescopic Duct Cover to 10′ ceiling included. Optional telescopic Duct Cover to 12′ ceiling is available.


Installs easily in standard size cabinet openings

Vents out the top with a 7in, 8in, or 10in round discharge opening (size of ducting is dependent on blower selected).