L7200 Series Models:

          No Blower    1200 or 2300 CFM

L7236       L7236-12

L7242      L7242-12

L7248      L7248-12

L7254      L7254-23

L7260      L7260-23

L7266       L7266-23

L7272       L7272-23

Simplicity of design and function
Available in 36”, 42”, 48”, 54”, 60” and 66” widths
Generously proportioned 32” depth of liner provides an exceptional capture area
Design of the stainless steel commercial baffle filters adds a professional form
Two or four internal sealed motors deliver 1250 CFM or 2300 CFM
Heavy gauge commercial stainless steel (22-gauge)
Four 12” by 14” baffle filters improve performance (six or eight filters on larger models)
Dimmable 50 watt halogen lights
Optional in-line blowers deliver 1266 CFM
Remote blower models are pre-wired for use with most in-line or exterior blowers
Liners with internal blowers are all pre-wired and pre-assembled
Top 10” round discharge (two 10” on larger models)
Durable, dishwasher safe commercial stainless steel baffle filters
All stainless steel portions are #304 grade and designed for easy cleaning